Reopening Plan for In-Person Services 教堂重新開放計劃



在教牧團隊的支持下,行政委員會(Executive Board, EB)決定啟動程序預備教會重新開放進行實體崇拜。該決定是根據加州公共衛生部在Ventura針對新冠狀病毒發出的工業指引及在三堂剛進行的調查所得出的結果。重新開放的過程將會是動態,循序漸進,卻是副透明度;並且根據以平衡信心和審慎的概括性指引,及留意政府的法令和本地社區的標準,會眾的反應和文化差異。



1. 對參與實體主日崇拜的意願進行了調查。不同的回應都參雜其中,有些人渴望回來,有些人願意卻仍有保留,亦有一些還仍未有準備。
2. 行政委員會(EB)十分認真評估了準備的情況,及審查了重新開放的14個關鍵方面,包括遵循CDC的指引,包佩戴口罩及保持社交距離、教堂的清潔、緊急事故應對措施、時間安排、溝通及培訓等。
3. 行政委員會(EB)計劃從7月4日(星期六)開始第一階段以一個監控小進行測試。在7月4日,教會將開放讓基督生平課程舉行他們的畢業典禮。在7月5日及12日兩個主日,我們將進行英語堂第一階段的測試,只有英語堂EB成員及其家人會參與英語堂崇拜,所有參與的EB成員及其家人將遵循所有第一階段測試的指引。
4. EB決定在第一階段測試期間,除崇拜禮堂外,教會其他區域都不開放。

CCCTO 教牧團隊

Message from the Pastoral Team to All Congregations and Ministries
June 21, 2020
Dear brothers and sisters of CCCTO,

With the endorsement from Pastoral Team, the Executive Board (EB) decided to start the process of reopening church for in-person Sunday worship services. The decision is made based on the current status of COVID-19 in Ventura County, California Department of Public Health’s COVID-19 Industry Guidance, and the surveys conducted in all three congregations. The re-opening process will be dynamic, progressive and yet transparent, following a general guidance of balancing faith and prudence, and be mindful of government ordinance and local community standards, congregant’s reaction and cultural differences. The church leaders, i.e., Pastoral Team, Executive Board and all ministry including Youth and Children leaders, will make every effort to communicate to all congregations and ministries on the progress and updates. Please watch out for the email and newsletters from church leaders. We also ask all church members to frequent visit church website ( for advice and news update. The pastoral team (PT) will also hold weekly meetings with fellowship groups.

What church have done so far?
1. Conducted a survey on the willingness for coming to in-person Sunday worship services. The response is mixed, some are eager to come back, some are willing yet with reservation, and still some are not ready.
2. The Executive Board (EB) went through a vigorous assessment for the readiness, carefully
reviewed 14 critical aspects for the re-opening, including following CDC guidelines on wearing face mask and keeping social distance, church cleaning, emergency response, scheduling, communications and training, etc.
3. The Executive Board (EB) is planning a beta test period starting on Saturday, July 4th. On July 4th, The Life for Christ class will be our first beta testing group as they hold their graduation event. On both Sundays, July 5th and July 12, we will have beta testing for English Worship and the service is open to all English Ministry EB members and their families only. All participating EB members and their families will follow all beta testing guidelines.
4. The EB decided that all other areas except sanctuary are inaccessible during beta testing period. At this point, we are not asking all members to come back for in-person Sunday services, and the official date for the church’s reopening has not been determined. Coming to church should be on a voluntary basis. Anyone who choose to come to church must comply to the guidelines. We sincerely ask for your prayers and support on the official reopening date and the entire planning process.

We hope the process, even though with many uncertainties, will bring love, peace and hope to all church members.

Pastoral Team of CCCTO

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