Welcome to CCCTO Annual Election & General Assembly 2023 歡迎參加 2023 年 CCCTO 年度選舉和會員大會 On this page, you will find all the related documents and candidates’ testimonies. Please pick up you voting ballot  in person at church on Sunday, November 12, 2023.  Any remaining ballots will be mailed directly to your home address after November… Continue reading GA2023


通知: 日期 領詩 帶領查經 經文 04/19/24 婷婷 恩明 創世紀12:1-9 04/26/24 細雲 智豪 創世紀12:10-20 讚美詩歌與查經資料 2024-04-19 主賜福如春雨 尋找 Genesis 12_1-9 2024-04-12 我愿为你去 想起你 CCCTO家愛團契_Genesis11_10-32 2024-04-05 凡事都有神的美意 雲上太陽 4月5日PDF 2024-03-22 創世紀9_18-10_32 – Google Docs In Christ Alone Yet Not I But Through Christ In Me 2024-03-15 Elena 宣教士分享 2024-03-08 神的路最美善 寶貴十架 Genesis 8_20-9_17 2024-03-01 脚步 雲上太陽 Genesis8_1-19… Continue reading 家愛團契